From Compact Millennial Kitchens to Small Fast-Cooking Ovens

 - Sep 1, 2018
From compact millennial kitchens to shrunken ovens, the August 2018 kitchen trends reveal that the rise of urban living is having a major impact on the size and function of today's appliances.

On the one hand, kitchen tools and appliances appear to be getting smaller and smaller. For instance, Assembly is a compact kitchen unit that contains everything needed to cook a meal for one person. Similarly, the new Brava Smart Oven is a tiny oven that cooks food twice as fast as conventional ovens, despite it's small size.

Yet the August 2018 kitchen trends also reveal an emphasis on function, not just size. One great example is the Avazzy. While there are plenty of blenders on the market, the Avazzy is a streamlined smoothie maker that uses packs of frozen fruit puree to dispense fresh smoothies directly into your glass with no cleanup required.