The Vancouver Night Market Offers the Most Intriguing Outfits Around

 - Aug 28, 2011
References: thinkhead-design & io9
The Vancouver Night Market is a cross-cultural event that the Chinese-Canadian community co-opted from the strange, often esoteric Hong Kong hobbyist markets. Although everything from exotic bubble teas to East Asian interpretive dancers is on display, the Thinkhead T-shirts stole the show.

The quirky, often baffling designs of the Thinkhead T-shirts are exactly their selling point. Fashion aficionados looking for a new style to sport need look no further than Peter, the founder of Thinkhead, and his permanent booth at the Vancouver Night Market. Armed with the motto "witty, simple and good-looking," it's clear that Peter knows his target audience.

Feel free to check out Thinkhead's wildly provocative T-shirt designs as well as Peter's personal philosophy, which translates appropriately onto the shirt canvas.