Yo Dona Espana's Dama Dama Editorial Stars Valerie Van Der Graaf

Although the 70s has been revisited time and time again in the fashion industry, there's something particularly arresting about Valerie Van Der Graaf's editorial in the Yo Dona Espana magazine. Sultry and glamorous, the shoot has a hint of the 60s sex kitten-style thrown into the mix as well.

Shot for the magazine's April 2011 issue, Valerie Van Der Graaf if featured in an editorial called Dama Dama, which means 'gentlewoman' in Spanish. The title is very fitting considering the elegant 'lady in waiting' atmosphere of the shoot.

The style that Valerie Van Der Graaf dons also perpetuates a vintage look that is reinforced by photographers Andoni & Arantxa's post production. Great job, all around.