Valerie Susik Makes Her Art Interact with the Real World

 - Jun 5, 2015
References: & mymodernmet
Some people have pets, other people draw pets in a convincingly playful way -- Valerie Susik falls into that very niche latter category. She has created a fun Instagram account filled with various dogs doing various things while seemingly interacting with the real world. Convincing to those who have vivid imaginations, Valerie Susik manages to bring a little magic to her sketchbook as well as her life.

Using watercolor paint and colored pencils, Valerie Susik has found a way to bring life to her drawings. Appropriately dubbed Interactive Illustrations, her work is not only whimsical, but also full of personality. Each pet she draws looks as though it was inspired by a real dog. Perhaps they were. Whatever the case, people might just expect them to leap off the page.