The USB Flash Block Can Be Built Up for Additional Memory and More

 - Mar 5, 2013
References: kibardindesign
The designer of the USB Flash Block might have stopped at the first set of innovative specifications, but they continued to develop the product concept so that it's guaranteed to impress. This is a collection of electronic units that can be conveniently snapped together, providing the user with his desired features of a small computer-like device.

The most straightforward function of the flash drive is its ability to be stacked together with other USB sticks as a means to increase its data capacity. This is remarkably useful. However, the plastic case, the capsule and the bib of the USB Flash Block can also accept add-ons that turn them into more interactive gadgets. Hi-tech modules like mp3 players and miniature screens and keyboards allow you to access the stored information without the use of additional devices.