Urban Decay Cosmetics is Offering a Skin-Plumping Spray

 - Dec 28, 2017
References: global.ulta
While many people consume collagen for the anti-aging benefits it offers skin, Urban Decay Cosmetics is offering a new format through which consumers can attain collagen's skin-plumping properties.

The brand's new Prep Priming Spray is infused with collagen, which boosts cell growth and smooths out the skin. The spray form that the product comes in ensures optimum hydration, while its remaining formulation provides the perfect base for makeup -- ensuring it stays on and that the makeup does not dry out or separate on the skin's surface.

The Urban Decay Cosmetics' unique Prep Priming Spray is well suited for individuals who would like an efficient and convenient way to take care of their skin, particularly in the dry winter months.