C.W. Moss's Funny Book ‘Unicorn Being a Jerk'

C.W. Moss’s new book entitled, ‘Unicorn Being a Jerk’ exposes the shocking truth about these seemingly majestic, mythical beings.

While traditionally glorified, Moss captures unicorns sinning all around the town in his illustrations. Do they sacrifice their only sons for a higher power? Yes. Do they pee in public places? Yes. Do they tear out pages from public library books and disregard the repercussions this might have on someone who needs to read that page for a school report? I think that in your heart of hearts you know the disappointing answer to that question.

‘Unicorn Being a Jerk’ is a hilariously eye-opening peek into the little-known character flaws of these horned horses. Check out the gallery to get a taste of what the book has in store.