Samsung's New Screen Survives Huge Drops, Hammer Strikes and Much More

 - Jul 27, 2018
References: gizmodo & digitaltrends
Indestructible smartphones may soon be a reality thanks to the introduction of Samsung's new unbreakable OLED screens. The screen recently passed a series of durability tests in the US and was even capable of outdoing designs submitted by the Department of Defense. The screen itself is made up of a flexible OLED screen with a plastic substrate window affixed to it. This combination is much stronger than the combination of glass and OLED screens used on most devices today.

During the tests, the unbreakable OLED screens were able to survive a 1.2-meter drop test 26 times, withstand several hammer strikes and continue running after both high and low-temperature tests. The benefits of this screen should be fairly immediate and Samsung hopes to integrate it into future phones to improve their ability to withstand multiple impacts.

Image Credit: Samsung