The Ugol Table Lamp by Yaroslav Misonzhnikov Leans into the Table

 - May 1, 2013
References: misonzhnikov & contemporist
The Ugol Table Lamp is an unorthodox light fixture that looks anything but what it really is, at least when it is not turned on. A simple long stick with a rectangular handle on one end, some may see a wooden sword, others a hollow sign holder. In reality, the 'handle' of the Ugol Table Lamp is meant to connect with the corner of a table to keep it upright.

Designed by Saint Petersburg designer Yaroslav Misonzhnikov, the Ugol Table Lamp essentially interacts with the surface it illuminates. Not only does it forego a traditional base, the stand becomes the light fixture itself. Lined with LEDs, its angle is dependant on the thickness of the tabletop. Beautiful and minimalist, it will be a great conversation piece.