Uber Rush Will Offer Third-Party Rapid Delivery to Small Businesses

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: rush.uber & businessinsider
Uber Rush is a new delivery feature that will allow users of the Uber app to request a courier the same way that they would hail an Uber driver.

The app sends out the courier request to an independently contracted driver, who picks up the app user's requested item. The app user can track the progress and arrival of the Uber Rush courier. Uber Rush will be available to private users, but will be most effectively leveraged by independent businesses.

Uber Rush, unlike other app-based courier services, will not have delivery partnerships with businesses such as Chipotle or Starbucks. Instead, it will act as a third-party same-day delivery service for small, independent businesses. Local restaurants, independent grocers and boutique clothing or book stores will be able to use Uber Rush to quickly deliver items to their customers. Whether they pass these delivery costs on to their clientele or absorb the cost themselves will be up to them.