The Typographic Bookshelf is a Clever Way to Keep Things in Place

 - Feb 20, 2013
In true meta form, the typographic bookshelf spells out exactly what it's designed to hold. If you aren't familiar with the term meta, it refers to when something is itself the very thing that is being referred to; in this case, it's a bookshelf that is crafted to read the word 'books'.

Completely funky and a little bit tongue-in-cheek, the typographic bookshelf is a great way to add some character to the book collection in your space that can't really say much other than that you're a reader. It can be multipurpose and help to organize anything from the books it's meant to hold or DVDs if you'd prefer to go the ironic route.

Made from solid wood, the typographic bookshelf is crafted to perfection and will suit any space design-wise from traditional to modern.