The Bloated Shelf by Damien Gernay has an Uncharacteristic Corpulence

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: damiengernay & blog.leibal
Seemingly structured as a minimalist wooden storage system, the Bloated Shelf by Damien Gernay actually has an unusual physical feature about it that makes it unique amongst the majority of basic bookcases. Timber planks do not simply span the four vertical posts of the piece of furniture, for these ledges are unfamiliar.

Short horizontal branches shoot off of the primary pillars and support the undersides of the four corners of the rectangular surfaces. It's as if they have been placed down gently with no firm hardware to connect them.

But what's really unique about the Bloated Shelf by Damien Gernay is the ledges themselves. They have been crafted as foam-filled leather pillows that sag beneath their reinforced flat tops like bulging bellies.