The Lumberjack Shelving System is a Stroke of Charm and Simplicity

 - Jan 11, 2013
References: damiengernay &
The Lumberjack Shelving System is a bit of a paradox. At first it looks to be more complex than it is, until you discover the wonderfully basic method of its assembly. However, you must not undervalue the design of the bookshelf, for it has been crafted with great care.

Damien Gernay wished his storage system to be as "simple and rough as the stroke of the axe to cut the log in two." It consists of four levels of ledges with two timber planks each and six thermo-coated steel braces that hold the whole contraption together. Four slots in each slanted spacer allow the wooden panels to slide in snugly and securely so that no hardware is needed keep the Lumberjack Shelving System sturdy.