The Limit Bookshelf Divider by Alp Nuhoglu Involves an Optical Illusion

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: deltamobilya & design-milk
The title of the Limit Bookshelf Divider may be slightly deceiving because there happens to be no limit to the ways it can be arranged and rearranged. Made up of a set of 36 modular boxes, it can take on a variety of forms depending on the need of the owner. Stacked together or placed individually, the Limit Bookshelf Divider can be used solely as a bookshelf or as a room divider.

Designed by Alp Nuhoglu for Turkish manufacturer Delta Ofis, the Limit Bookshelf Divider can have a sculptural effect in the space it is placed in, whether that involves the home or office. An optical illusion of sorts, it can be put together in a 2D-mimicking arrangement that will wow any guest or client. It is available in various colors.