Renault and Ross Lovegrove's Twin’Z City Car Predicts a Glowing Futu

 - Apr 9, 2013
Some of our favorite action movies feature fast and furious sports cars whipping around cityscapes at break neck speeds while showing off their sleek and sporty frames, but design company Renault's recent Twin'Z concept car made in collaboration with industrial designer Ross Lovegrove is showing that the real rides of the future might be much more compact than we'd like to think.

High society luxury vehicle makers like Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce are just some examples of the bigger bodied car frames that have become associated with the chic and sexy look of futuristic transport. The Twin'z concept car is a smaller, two-seater buggy designed specifically to navigate the busy streets of the cities of the future.

With seats upholstered in a 3D woven textile and neon accentuated floors and interior that eliminates all clutter, the Twin'Z concept car is a small taste of the future of city transportation.