The nEmesis Platform Scans Tweet Complaints to Prevent Food Poisoning

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: & mentalfloss
The nEmesis app is an innovative platform that makes use of consumer social media complains to prevent future food poisoning outbreaks. The app carefully keeps track of mentions of food and eateries through catch phrases to pinpoint where food poisoning originates from to eliminate possible spreading.

Often times consumers that become sick from eating out take to social media to vent their stresses. The nEmesis app -- based off of the medical term 'emesis' which means puking -- keeps track of food-related tweets specifying in food poisoning scenarios. The app is able to track these tweets based off of food poisoning-related terminology such as "stomachache," "vomit" and "#upsetstomach." When enough tweets about the same topic occur, nEmsis' algorithm sources where the users are located to attempt to pinpoint the eatery at fault.