Alison Bailey Smith's Creations Are Deliciously Eco

 - Jan 17, 2009
References: abscraft
Alison Bailey Smith’s mantra is "Re-cycling Technology-Creating Art." That is evident by the projects featured here, though it is not immediately apparent that all of them are make from discarded materials. The recipient of several prestigious design awards, including Scottish Fashion Designer of the Year and Recycling Fashion Designer of the year, Smith’s work is a labor of love. Having lived in the UK, Australia, Canada and America, Smith has exported her work to Asia and the US. Now based in Wirral in the UK, she continues her fabulous creative work, and is pursuing representing other artists as an agent and organizing workshops to teach others the skills necessary for artisanal creations. The lovely items shown here are all made from discarded materials, most interesting of which are the wires from old televisions and electric motors, which Smith provides instructions on how to dismantle these yourself. Scavenged items, such as paper, wire, sweetie (candy) wrappers are all incorporated into her masterpieces.  Once again, we see beauty created from things that would otherwise be thrown away, and clog up the planet as waste, and continue to provide lovely adornment and re-use.