The Netflix Socks Sensors Shut Off Shows if the Wearer Falls Asleep

 - Dec 17, 2015
References: & dudeiwantthat
For consumers that often enjoy TV streaming their favorite films and shows but fall asleep before the content has finished, there is the Netflix Socks that creatively turn off tech devices in case of such an event. The socks feature sensors located inside the banding that creatively detect if the wearer has begun to doze off. If they have, the socks send a signal to the device Netflix is streaming on, and pausing the show.

Netflix is notorious for spurring on binge watching, and many consumers find it comforting to fall asleep or doze off to media. The Netflix Socks are designed for such an occasion, cleverly turning off the programming just as the consumer becomes too tired to do so themselves. This is ideal for a natural progression to sleep and bookmarking the content.