Artist Sophia Chang Created This White Tunnel Art Exhibit

 - Dec 22, 2013
References: sophia-chang & dezeen
Clever artist Sophia Chang is behind this whimsical tunnel art exhibit in the Invivia Gallery. Essentially this exhibit consists of a series of soft Lycra tunnels for observers to wander through. People get to wander through white halls, some of which have colored lighting.

This tunnel art series is actually pretty large, stretching across the span of two of the gallery's entrances. It also wraps around a spiral staircase within the gallery, which looks pretty neat from inside the tunnel.

What's great about Chang's art exhibit is that it offers observers an experience, and involves far more of their senses than most sculptures or paintings. They get to walk through the tunnels (which doesn't look easy) and fall into the soft walls all around them, which makes this tunnel an adventure rather than a standard work of art.