The 'Trump Connections' Map Shows the President's Network

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: trump.kimalbrecht & fastcodesign
Designer and PhD candidate Kim Albrecht has created the Trump Connections map as a way to help people understand the broad span of the President's business ties before he assumed office and passed those responsibilities on to his son. The vast visualization shows the extent of President Trump's professional relationships, highlighting the degree to which those relationships have impacted things like his cabinet selections.

Of course, President Trump is at the center of the map, as he is the locus of the study. Lines then branch out from President Trump to connect to his various other business interests and relationships. The people in the web have bolded names, and each of those people in turn have their own, smaller webs of business interests. The interactive graphic allows people to dig through and learn about any potential conflicts of interest themselves (as opposed to relying on secondhand reports.)