The True Romance Porter Magazine Shoot Captures a Longing for Love

The True Romance Porter Magazine photo shoot is exactly how you would imagine it; breathtaking scenes, gorgeous colours and exquisite fashion.

Photographed by Erik Madigan Heck with model Ava Smith as his dreamy muse, the editorial is lush with greenery and ruins that will take you back to a time of innocence. Stylist Maya Zepinic dresses Smith in black and red pieces of flowing backless dresses, shoulder-baring gowns and feathered headpieces. Although the editorial is called True Romance, Smith is alone throughout the photos - signifying her longing or hope for the day her one true love arrives. My favourite shot from the series is the scene with the crumbling structures in the background surrounded by copious amounts of green reflected in the serene water as Smith gazes at the camera in a beautiful red dress.

Take a look at the True Romance Porter Magazine shoot above.