The True Love Bra Can Only Be Unhooked if a Lady is in Love

 - Jan 28, 2014
References: ravijour & gizmodiva
A lingerie company in Japan known as Ravijour has created a true love bra, which is an undergarment that can only be unhooked if the wearer is in love.

The bra is clasped with a sensored piece in the front of the garment to hold it in place. This piece of lingerie is very technologically-savvy, as it's connected to an app. The sensor measures a woman's heart rate and the app displays what is happening at the moment it is affecting her heart.

Depending on how the lady is feeling will affect how high or low her feelings of love are. The app comes with a 'true love rate' and if the sensor detects the rate is high, the bra will unhook instantly.

This true love bra is an interesting way for a lady to know whether or not she's in love if she's doubtful of her feelings.