The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra 2013 is Extremely Extravagant

The Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra 2013 is an outlandish $10 million bra that will be worn by Candice Swanepoel at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in December.

True to its name, actually owning the bra will be just a fantasy for many. The decadent bra has a dazzling price that comes from being encrusted with 18-carat gold and 52-carat rubies. There is also a companion belt that goes with this bra and together, the count of sparkly stones that they contain is about 4,200.

The outrageously priced bra will surely have people wondering about Victoria's Secret -- how does she afford such extravagant lingerie? This grandiose display of luxury is precisely what keeps minds wondering and the fantasy alive.