Essential Research for Understanding Heavy Duty Vehicles

 - Mar 19, 2012
References: trendreports
In the past, trucks have gained a negative reputation for being noisy, gas-guzzling behemoths that take up too much road space. Nowadays, consumers are not as weary when deciding to purchase a truck, due in large part to innovations made in the auto sector. With Trend Hunter's Truck Trend Report, users will be able to paint a better picture of the innovations occurring in this segment of the auto industry.

The Truck Trend Report is an extensive guide that features 67 PRO Trends and 597 examples of truck research. Complied from a network of global consumers, our crowd-sourced research highlights innovations in the truck industry, showcasing topics such as In-Depth Driving, Pop-Up Eats and Green Streak.

As the auto industry continues to tweak design and performance aspects of trucks, it's important to track these innovations in order to enhance your own strategies.