The Tribaling Mass Production Tableware Collection Upcycles Animal Bones

 - May 17, 2014
References: maayanpesach.tumblr & fastcodesign
Dutch designer Ma'ayan Pesach decided to return to the prehistoric method of making furniture from upcycled animal bone, hair and skin with her unique tableware collection called the Tribaling Mass Production.

Before plastic, metal and glass became all the rage, people were building tables, chairs and other furniture items from animal skin and carcasses. Pesach returns to this natural constructing of furniture by using what would be considered slaughterhouse waste products as her key design materials. Her pieces creatively juxtapose the hair of horses with cow hides to create uniquely shaped dining tables. The mix of skin, bone and hair makes these tables look like bizarre figurines.

The collection is meant to remind us of where the meat products we consume come from, while we consume them.