The Latest Young Hwan Yang Collection is Inspired by Totem Poles

The Young Hwan Yang Autumn/Winter 2015 collection boasts a tribal fashion inspiration and references traditional totem pole idols. Titled 'Bye Bye Macho Man and Hello Inner Child', this collection marries cultural and contemporary themes to create streetwear with an unconventional look.

This comfortable menswear collection is sporty while referencing tribal fashion and Native North and South American art. Inspired by totem poles, the range highlights tribal graphics but displays them in a vibrant palette rather than one with muted tones.

The Young Hwan Yang Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is a modern take on tribal themes. The London-based designer holds a master's degree in Fashion Design Technology and aims to defy convention with his unique and eye-catching garments. His graduate collection is expressive of his artful aesthetic and boasts pieces that can be broken up and incorporated with simpler basics.