'Trial Stay' Apartments Introduce a New Way for Japanese Coeds to Live

 - Jul 16, 2011
References: japantrends
The folks at Lacine Corp. are hoping to challenge Japanese customs and reinvent the way modern women live in the country with their new venture 'Trial Stays.'

Japanese tradition encourages young women to stay at home with their parents until marriage so as to avoid transitions that are perceived to be costly and risky. Enter Lacine with an unorthodox proposal: Why not manage housing exclusively for young women interested in more autonomy? At the price of $250, a Trial Stay includes two to four weeks of tenancy in a trendy apartment, complete with a salon, personal instructors and other female-oriented workshops.

The thinking is that the Trial Stay will given the residents enough time to decide whether living alone is the right decision. Although they haven't released any statistics concerning the number of women who go onto live by themselves, the company is hopeful that this idea will effect real change.