Trend Hunter Blades Of Glory Fun Day

What may have looked like angels descending from the heavens to this humble Earth was actually Trend Hunters taking to the ice for this year’s ice skating fun day at Nathan Phillip’s Square. Magic was in the Toronto air as writers and programmers alike of this young hip start-up joined in unity to glide gracefully around the rink. Well, gracefully may be hyperbolic in this instance. Nonetheless, this was one heck of a day. As a November intern, this was my first fun day and my grin was brighter than snow on a sunny day from how awesome it is to work here.

Some of the highlights included intern Marriska from Dubai trying ice skating for the first time. I hate to say what everyone was thinking, but this determined cold weather enthusiast did better than some of the born and raised Canadians. Other real stars on the ice were programmer Daniel Moniz and yours truly as we tested out our star figure skating moves. Despite the lot of us looking like newborn horses trying to run, the day was stellar. It was a great start to the holiday season!

Photo source: Lil’Fel Rocks the World