Trend Hunter App

 - May 28, 2013
References: buildforwindows
Here at Trend Hunter, we've always known a large number of our audience -- about 1/6th of it -- was interacting with the site on their mobile phones; however, we waited patiently for the opportunity to build a Trend Hunter app that fit perfectly with our brand. With the assistance of Eran Barley, Director of Sela Canada, this opportunity was found and conquered with the development of a Windows 8 app.

Barley and our Chief Trend Hunter and innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche dive deeper into the app and its appeal for a short video clip referring to Trend Hunter's Business Story, found on the Windows App Store site. According to Gutsche, "the [Trend Hunter] app is on Windows 8 because its interface matches us. It's colorful, clean, bold -- it sort of has a similar aesthetic to the TH brand."

Download the App and watch the video at the Windows Store