The Nüvist Tregola Lounge is Intuitive and Angular

 - Nov 20, 2017
References: tuvie
The Nüvist Tregola Lounge has been designed with the Tregola Reception Desk aesthetic in mind to provide an enhanced seating solution for modern spaces that is supportive, modern and incredibly dynamic.

The bench style lounger consists of a hollow unit that will provide enhanced support for several sitters, while helping to enhance the overall modern style of the space. Coming in two style options, the lounge is based on a triangular geometry that is minimalistic in form to ensure it's as seamless as possible.

The Nüvist Tregola Lounge boasts an unbroken design that is intuitive and unassuming to ensure it can be easily incorporated into a space without the need for multiple units or additional seats to keep a focus on simple ergonomics.