This Tree Art Installation Features Trees That are Thousands of Years Old

 - May 14, 2016
References: psfk & dezeen
The 'Hollow' art exhibit, featured at Bristol University in England, is made up of samples from more than 10,000 tree species to form one large piece of tree art.

From the outside the structure looks relatively unassuming, appearing more like a simple woodworking project. Upon entering the space it is clear that this exhibit features much more -- the inside of the tree art is meant to look like a forest canopy and has hundreds upon hundreds of multi-leveled pieces of wood sticking out of it.

Some of the tree samples are extremely rare, including trees that are thousands of years old. One of these is the Methuselah tree which is 4,847-years-old. The piece is described as a "miniature forest of all the world's forests" and even features samples that have social meaning -- including remnants of a boardwalk that was destroyed by hurricane Sandy.