This Inforaphic Shows How Tips and Tricks for Traveling Cheaper

 - Oct 20, 2015
References: thecrazytourist & designtaxi
'The Crazy Tourist' created this handy travel tip chart, which is designed to help those who want to explore to world without breaking the bank. The ultimate goal for this guide is to encourage people to travel, but to also educate them on money-saving strategies.

The chart is broken up into seven different segments. Some of the topics include 'Volunteering,' 'Who Needs a Hotel' and 'How to Fly for Free.' While traveling might seem costly, there are always ways to save and travel on a budget. For example, volunteering for an abroad organization is a great way to meet new people and explore new places.

This travel tip chart is geared towards the millennial generation because of their need to achieve experiential desires. Since millennials are motivated by travel and experience, this chart hopes to bring valuable and useful tips directly to them.