Saatchi LA Taught IBM Watson to Generate Toyota Car Ads

 - May 23, 2017
References: adweek
There are countless Toyota car ads that have been created over time, but the newest ones feature words from the brain of IBM Watson. Saatchi LA worked on the campaign called 'Thousands of Ways to Say Yes,' which involved the creation of a thousand ads that will target Facebook users based on their specific interests.

During the project, it was said to be a challenge to teach the supercomputer to string together cohesive sentences, but Watson ultimately ended up generating hundreds of phrases, such as "Yes, this car is an ode to tech," and "Yes, it will turn heads on the moon." With all of its tech-focused features, the car now has an ad that appeals to those who are interested in the latest automotive technologies.

Although IBM Watson has been used for everything from ideation to powering innovative products and services, the use of artificial intelligence for advertising has yet to be explored to the fullest.