Become a Social Media Superstar by Interning at Trend Hunter

 - Aug 2, 2012
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Never thought you could blend work and fun? Well the Toronto Online Journalism Internships at Trend Hunter are the perfect mixture.

In just four months at the Trend Hunter Academy, your portfolio will be filled with hundreds of articles on an expanse of topics that will garner millions of views worldwide. Not only that, but the expert editors here at TH will teach you all the secrets to becoming a social-media virtuoso and a viral superstar, making this more than your run-of-the-mill Toronto journalism internship.

The cherry on top is that Trend Hunter is leading the way as one of the best office cultures Toronto has to offer. Using an open-concept environment to spark creativity, the TH team will be treated to weekly beer parties and adventurous fun days that have included everything from Toronto Beer Fest to cupcake-making workshops, ensuring you have fun at your social media job.

Unlike any other journalism job on the planet, the Trend Hunter Toronto internships will have you mastering the Internet while becoming career-ready and driven to succeed. Check out the Trend Hunter internships page to apply.