The Tongue Device Releases Savorable Fumes for Tube-Fed Patients

 - Dec 3, 2013
References: turing.lecolededesign & tuvie
It's awful enough to be in hospital, then to have to be nourished through a feeding tube down your throat. The Tongue by Germain Verbrackel has been designed to give sufferers of various illnesses and afflictions some sensory pleasure where it's certainly lacking.

Patients with feeding tubes may smell their meals, but they cannot taste them. What this device does is sync with a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop computer, enabling you to seek and choose a recipe (perhaps similar to the one placed before you) that you'd like to experience. When worn around your neck, the Tongue sits comfortably in the center of your chest, allowing chemically created flavors to rise towards your open mouth and nose. This innovative idea increases the appetite and delights the senses.