The Tom Gottelier Paraffin Table is Appropiated for Hot Dishes

 - Nov 3, 2011
References: tomgottelier & design-milk
Many furniture surfaces can be ruined by hot plates and cups, which is why it’s necessary to use potholders and hotpdas; however, the Tom Gottelier Paraffin Table doesn’t need any kind protection. This table is especially designed to mold and adapt to high temperature pots and dishes because, as it name suggests, it’s made of paraffin wax.

The UK designer created a piece that brings science and design together. By covering the surface with the bee-made material, Gottelier added a twist to the idea of heat and furniture. When hot plates are put on the surface, it melts right away, leaving an imprint on the table.

The Tom Gottelier Paraffin Table is a fantastic concept because it uses unconventional product-like wax to create a fun home decor accessory.