Tokyo University has Created a Mirror That Will Change Your Emotions

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: diginfo & gizmodo
Researchers at the Hirose-Tanikawa lab at the University of Tokyo have recently created a digital mirror that can change the emotion on someone's face. Using the R&D on the digital mirror's system, the mirror virtually affects users and virtually creates the individual's emotional states.

In the mirror, the expression the person sees on his own face is actually different from the actual physical expression. One of the researchers, Shigeo Yoshida says that, "if you look in the mirror with your usual expression, it can reflect you with a laughing expression, or a sad expression." And based on that expression, your emotional state may change as a result of seeing the opposite expression; seeing a laughing expression will make you feel positive whereas seeing a sad expression will most likely make you feel negative.

The system is fitted with a display (the mirror) and a camera that takes video and shots of the person standing in front of it, the camera will create estimates of the individual's facial features where they will be emphasized. For example, a laughing expression will make the cheeks and corners of the mouth to be slightly distorted, simulating a happy expression or emotional state.