Toilet Yoga Helps You Tone While You're on the Can

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: toiletyogamovement & incrediblethings
Thanks to this ingenious Toilet Yoga manual, you really can work on that six-pack anywhere.

Get your giggles now, because everybody poops, from the hot guy in the Adidas commercial to that bombshell blonde sunning herself on the beach. But just because you're spending some quality time on the throne doesn't mean you have to be inactive. Avoid the embarrassment of falling asleep on the john and engage in a little Toilet Yoga.

Created by the Toilet Yoga Movement (makes you look at the word movement in a whole new light), this illustrated manual walks you through a few fat burning moves that help you tone up while taking care of business. Show your true devotion to this fitness initiative and purchase a Toilet Yoga T-shirt and bond with other bathroom yogis.