TiVo Stops Your Flipping With Advanced Program Search

 - Jan 12, 2009   Updated: Jun 20 2011
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TiVo is making a mighty claim: they want to do for television what Google did for the web. TiVo has in beta testing a new search engine that will display a selection of programs in HiDef from hundreds of channels and other sources such as Amazon and YouTube.

The TiVo program will let you search by keyword, phrase, logo, stars, logos, poster art and even an actor's photo.

Implications - The featured video shows you a quick example of how the TiVo program is going to work. You can actually get TiVo Search (beta) right now through your broadband-connected TiVo HD, HD XL, and Series3 DVR. The TiVo company has also set up a feedback section so that they can suit their customer's needs.