The 'Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names' Print is Moniker-Themed

 - Jun 11, 2012
References: popchartlab & uncrate
Pop Chart Lab's 'Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names' Print breaks down some of the wrestling world's most epic pseudonyms. Alias' like 'The Social Assassin' and 'The Dog-Faced Gremlin' instantly evoke fear, and it is precisely why these designations were selected for the job in the first place.

The Titanic Taxonomy of Wrestler Names Print lists 382 sobriquets across the 18" x 24" poster. Those who are enthusiastic about the sport will be pleased to find out that in addition to this notably long list, the monikers are also grouped according to theme. Topics like 'Animals,' 'Inanimate Objects,' 'Professions' and 'Unpleasant' are used by the Pop Chart Lab team here to make sense of the packed terms. Regions are also honed in on with specific geographical attention paid to Japan, Africa and Canada.