TinkerBots Are the Next Generation of Building Block Toys

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: tinkerbots.net & indiegogo
The popularity of simple, modular building block toys never seems to die down, but TinkerBots is making these kinds of toys even more appealing for the next generations by giving them tech capabilities. Although this might sound a little intimidating, the toys are made to be extremely easy to put together, letting kids craft moving robots and machines with just a few small pieces.

Once you get to know the pieces, it's easy to start making more and more complex creations. The system is made up of four main types of TinkerBots, including: the base Cubies, Twisters that twist, Pivots that pivot and the Power Brain. The Power Brain itself is equipped with a bluetooth, speaker, a USB charger, among other features to turn creations into literal "living LEGOs."

Aimed at helping kids become digitally literate from a young age, TinkerBots is already close to meeting its initial fundraising goals on Kickstarter and it will continue crowdfunding until May 25th.