Desert Farms' Time-Temperature Sensor Aids Perishable Camel Milk Deliveries

 - Nov 4, 2016
References: desertfarms & packagingdigest
Desert Farms is now in the process of testing out a new time-temperature sensor that has the potential to revolutionize the delivery of perishable milk products.

Desert Farms is setting itself apart from other milk producers by arranging for farmers to raise camels for milk, bottle the product and ship it directly across the country to consumers. As such, TT sensors are a necessity for ensuring that the milk is kept at exactly the right temperature and arrives fresh and drinkable to the end consumer.

Depending on a consumer's preference, the camel milk is shipped refrigerated or frozen in an insulated container that's packed with dry ice. The time-temperature sensors are incredibly easy to use and can even be read by a smartphone.