Three Spirit Replicates the Positive Effects of Alcohol with Plants

'Three Spirit' is a non-alcoholic spirit alternative that is naturally uplifting and formulated to help drinkers feel more relaxed and sociable—all thanks to the power of plants.

The first-of-its-kind spirit was crafted with the expertise of mixologists, herbalists and phytochemists in order to help settle the mind and stimulate the body. Some of the 11 plant-based ingredients that go into the making of Three Spirit include lion’s mane, yerba mate, cacao, yerba mate, green tea, molasses, agave, coconut vinegar, damiana and more, which meld bitter, umami, floral and grassy notes.

The plant-based, non-alcoholic spirit has the potential to satisfy a growing number of consumers who are seeking out low-alcohol or no-alcohol products, especially in favor of options that are not sugary and naturally based.