This Exhibition Features Ai Weiwei's Most Thought-Provoking Work

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has become renowned for his politically charged, thought-provoking work. For a limited time, the Royal Academy of Arts is celebrating some of his most visionary artworks.

Although a celebrated artist in the rest of the world, Ai Weiwei has a bad relationship with his home country. His criticisms of China have become the inspiration for this collection. The collection is comprised of the artist's most thought-provoking and controversial art. The thematic content of his home country is made clear with the first exhibit which is a collage of forests, mountains, ruins and earthquake-ravaged schools.

Apart from the deeply personal and emotional aspect of the exhibit, the focus was on transforming materials to alter their meanings. Examples of this include a child's stroller stranded by a sea of glass marbles and conjoined bicycles that form an extravagant chandelier.