This Video Game Controller Detect Players' Emotional State

 - Apr 14, 2014
References: & gizmag
This video game controller, which is still under development, can measure players' physiological signals, gauge their feelings and change gameplay situations accordingly. It is being developed by researchers in the lab of electrical engineering professor Gregory Kovacs at Stanford University.

The team's current prototype is based on an Xbox controller. The controller is fitted with small metal pads that measure the player's heart rate and respiration rate.It also has an additional optical sensor for secondary heart rate data and accelerometers that measure how much the player is moving the controller around while playing.

Presently, this video game controller is only able to communicate with special software developed by the team. It is not yet able to communicate with game consoles or games themselves to alter gameplay situations and affect the player's gaming experience; however, the researchers say that is their next logical step. Once it comes together, gamers might be able to enjoy playing with a video game controller that actually changes gameplay based on their emotions, making for an ultra-realistic gaming experience.