Sherise Cromwell is Taking the World by Storm with Think Reese

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: trendreports & youtube
Toronto-born Sherise Cromwell started up her own fashion business by taking apart her closet and experimenting with designs. It all started when she wanted something to wear, but didn’t have much to choose from. By adding fabrics to her clothes and modifying them, she got inspired to launch her own brand now known as REESE at the young age of 19.

Sherise, now 24, always enjoyed the look of feminine, but androgynous fashion, so as her brand developed, she was able to create jewelry and accessories that encompassed the look she is so passionate about. All the pieces in her jewelry collection were either inspired or found on her travels around the world. She would see rocks, gemstones and designs that she wanted to make available to women everywhere.

Sherise is a trend-setter in the fashion industry, creating and providing women precious items that compliment any outfit, make a statement, and suit every personality. With her tomboy personality and her incredible creative abilities, REESE is taking the fashion world by storm. Her handcrafted jewelry pieces and remarkably unique clothing designs carry an organic beauty.