The Toitissue Looks Like a Tissue Box to Discreetly Hide Intimate Items

 - Jun 23, 2017
References: polyvore & amazon
Design company ToiBocks is aiming to end any awkward bedroom interactions with the Toitissue, a small wooden tissue box with hidden storage.

The box comes complete with a cherry wood finish and is capable of holding about an inch worth of tissues. This classy item is sure to compliment any room, while ensuring not to stir any suspicion among nosy guests. The box features a small compartment which can be accessed from the side, hidden to those who aren't aware of its existence. Tilting the holder will prompt the drawer to slide out, allowing for a safe keeping of adult intimacies, like condoms, personal lubricants or erotic toys.

This item is perfect for the discreet adult who's interested in maintaining an air of mystery surrounding their personal life.