The Free Dating 'Science of Beer Goggles' Explains Fatal Attraction

 - Sep 25, 2012
References: freedating
UK dating site Free Dating comprises booze-induced fatal attraction through its 'The Science of Beer Goggles' infograph. The breakdown of the infograph begins with the science behind symmetric faces and, as one drinks, they lose that sight of equilibrium. The voice of reason depreciates as one continues to drink; the six stages of drunk decide which fine-motor skills you are losing and what sloppy actions you are picking up.

The Science of Beer Goggles goes as far as to describe what poor choices one will make if they decide to bring someone home from a night out. Using terms found in Urban Dictionary, Free Dating describes 'one bagging' to 'coyote ugly' to relay its message behind the mass amounts of drinking affects -- just as a reminder, only 16% of couples met at a bar.