Best Private House

 - Jan 17, 2008
References: wallpaper
This weekend house has been voted the Best Private House in the Wallpaper Design Awards 2008, and it is obvious to see why. The work of architects Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima (TNA), this weekend house is a stunning example of how creativity, design, and environment can co-exist beautifully.

The architects were invited to create a weekend retreat that was far away from the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo lifestyle and streets - and that's exactly what they did. As the Ring House sits naturally among the lush green vegetation and trees of a Japanese forest, with only a two-hour drive separating the city dwellers from a eco-paradise.

The weekend house sits exquisitely in its surroundings by making full use of its ethereal, glass and wood mini-tower. The tall but not over-powering structure creates a retreat to rejuvenate and refresh any of its inhabitants. The uninterrupted 360-degree vantage points in the Ring House offers you the luxurious experience of being as close to nature as you could be from within the structure of a house.

It blends gracefully into the surroundings as its transparent skin sucks in the light of the day and exudes life at night. This stunning design will no doubt be of special attention for both the naturalist and the naturist.