The Owner's Mind With Chris Brogan Jeremy Gutsche

 - Apr 18, 2015
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Creative innovation speaker Jeremy Gutsche was featured on The Owner's Mind With Chris Brogan podcast to discuss his New York Times Bestselling business book, Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas. Brogan asks Gutsche about his six key patterns of opportunity brands can leverage to find their next idea as well as his emotional connection to Better and Faster.

Brogan is a consultant to dozens of top-tier brands as Sony USA, GM and Google as well as a fellow New York Times bestselling author. In this interview, Brogan dives into how fascinating and timely Better and Faster in today's chaotic economy. Brogan asks Gutsche about his personal connection to writing Better and Faster leading Gutsche to share how his young desire to be an entrepreneur essentially lit the fire for him to help companies improve their innovation today. "We've always been working on these frameworks to try and simplify innovation for companies, but also to give them a pathway," says Gutsche. "This for me goes really far back--when I was six I wanted to be an entrepreneur."

Listen to the full podcast on The Owner's Mind with Chris Brogan HERE.